'Argylle' Global Box Office Requires a Lifeline 

Universal's distribution of director Matthew Vaughn's Argylle appears to have reached a point of no return at the box office, if redemption was even a possibility after its poor launch three weeks earlier. 

The action-comedy, starring Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Henry Cavill 

remained in the top five of the American box office chart this weekend, adding slightly more than $4 million from international markets. 

With $36 million in domestic revenue and an additional $40 million from 81 other regions, Argylle's total global revenue is $76 million.  

The picture had a gloomy $17 million domestic debut, followed by a significant 64% drop in weekend two, when it earned $6.2 million. 

The writing was on the wall the day it debuted, but a more concerning possibility has emerged: Argylle may fail to reach $100 million in global box office revenue. 

This would be a devastating blow, given Apple's previous two theatrical releases, Killers of the Flower Moon, released by Paramount, and Napoleon, distributed by Sony, both failed similarly.  

Martin Scorsese's epic crime film grossed $156 million worldwide, while Ridley Scott's historical epic topped $200 million.  

Both films, worryingly, failed to reach the $70 million threshold domestically. 

Apple sees its theatrical releases as an advertising tool for its streaming service rather than a profit-generating prospect. 

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