‘Anyone But You’ Digital Release Date 

The biggest sleeper hit of 2023 is coming to shops, ending your stay-at-home date night plan. 

Tomorrow, Anyone but You, the romantic comedy that captivated the nation, hits digital. 

A surprise sleeper smash, the film stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell and has drawn viewers worldwide. 

Although it had a poor Christmas weekend, Anyone but You became one of the highest-grossing R-rated rom-coms in a decade. 

However, word-of-mouth, TikTok viral marketing, and Sweeney and Powell's game antics made the movie a hit.Debut December 22, 2023 

A passionate evening follows the characters' first meeting in a coffee shop.  

However, their relationship soured, making their six-month reunion unpleasant. 

At Bea's (Sweeney) sister and Ben's (Powell) closest friend's wedding, fate pulls them together. 

They try to ignore their unpleasant feelings for their loved ones. The story takes place mostly in Sydney, Australia. 

The film's $189 million global gross after $7.8 million this weekend abroad and $2.83 million four-day domestic gross is startling.  

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