7 Garden Design Ideas That Will Get You Growing

Summer...the season of fresh-baked strawberry rhubarb pies, farmers markets, and rabbit holes down Pinterest in quest of garden ideas.

Are you a Bunny Mellon-style gardener, championing native species and designing a Francophile garden?

Or do you desire your exteriors to be as pristine and tidy as your interiors, with not a blade of grass out of place?Whatever garden ideas you're looking for, we canvassed the experts for suggestions. 

Take, for example, landscape architect Robert Bell's advice to "repeat decorative elements like a paving pattern, planter, or sculptural chaise to help the eye travel through the garden at a measured pace."

 Or consider Michael Giannelli, owner of East Hampton Gardens, who creates timeless focal points and frequently uses a boxwood hedge for structure.

"A simple boxwood hedge serves two purposes: It creates order of the garden and keeps the hydrangeas from flopping!" Read on for everything you need to know, as well as plenty of garden inspiration to make you green with envy.

"The best way a lay person can start to begin a garden layout is to first look for inspiration, from favorite vacation spots to neighbor's homes that have grabbed their attention," Heather Trilling, a landscaping designer, explains. 

"After that, make a wish list for your yard." What are your plans for utilizing the space? Entertaining, more family fun time, hobby gardening, a cutting garden, meditation, animals? 

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