6 Smartest Zodiac Signs That Are Extremely Intelligent Geniuse

A genius, scores above the 98th percentile on an IQ or other standardized intelligence test.

You can be a creative genius, meaning your brain can find solutions that others don't see.

Astrology suggests you may be one of the smartest zodiac signs without knowing it, which is fantastic news.


Aquarius filters most things intellectually. They can step back and solve problems more easily. Their balance, creativity, and coolness are well-known.


Though others may overlook them, Virgos are interested in everything. If there's no solution or it's hard to locate, Virgo will make their own. They enjoy solving the impossible and fixing the broken. Always thinking and producing.


Capricorns' logical, precise, and disciplined thinking helps them make informed decisions. While open to new ideas, they stay focused on their goals and weigh all the pros and disadvantages.


Scorpios are mentally strong, perceptive, and intense, making them hard to fool. Perceptual thinking lets them employ sensory information. Their senses provide a lot of information that they employ quickly.


Just listen to Gemini talk to understand their greatness. They are the Zodiac's fastest thinkers and best at gathering and sharing information. Another sign of genius is their well-developed sense of humor.


Pisces resemble scatterbrained geniuses. Pisces are smart and creative, but they might get lost in their thoughts. Too many thoughts can overwhelm them.


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