49ers' Christian McCaffrey hopes to emulate his father's Super Bowl success.

Lisa McCaffrey is scared about Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday. 

“I’m trying to stay calm,” she said over coffee Monday in a Strip hotel lobby. I try to stay occupied. I'm trying to ignore it till kickoff." 

"I'm probably even more nervous because it's one of my kids," she remarked. “But I was stressed out back then.” 

After Ed McCaffrey won his last Super Bowl with the Broncos in January 1999, a magazine commemorated that past. 

Denver defeated Atlanta. A 2-1/2-year-old Christian McCaffrey, wearing Ed's No. 87 jersey that was too big for him, ran across layers of confetti on the field in Miami to create a Sports Illustrated full-spread lead photo. 

.The feeling is familiar to McCaffrey. As a wide receiver for the 49ers and Broncos, her husband Ed McCaffrey won three titles.  

Christian McCaffrey, her son, will be key when the 49ers play the Kansas City Chiefs for the championship Sunday. 

Stress was gone after her spouse won another title. Lisa had a new concern as her little kid weaved through traffic on a post-Super Bowl football field. 

Ed and Christian will become the second father-son Super Bowl duo if the 49ers beat the Chiefs 

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